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Word Puzzle HoundWelcome to WordPuzzleHound.com and thanks for stopping by! You are here because you like word puzzles … and that is exactly what you will find!

The Word Puzzle Hound word search puzzle books are a great way to learn while having fun. Rather than just featuring any random subject for the puzzles, these books give you the opportunity to actually learn something while searching for the words.

The two books in the “These United States” series will have you searching for U.S. Cities and Towns or U.S. Rivers and Lakes. Rivers and Lakes is my favorite because some of the names are hilarious or so outlandish as to be unbelievable. But they are real! These books are available in regular and large print.

The Word Search FUN book offers variety not only in topics but by including several types of word search puzzles. The puzzles cover a wide range of subjects, some just for fun while others provide an opportunity to learn something in the process. And with the puzzle variations, your mind will get more of a workout than with just the traditional style of puzzles. This book is available in large print.

If you’re looking for free printable puzzles, you will find some of those here too. With a wide range of topics to choose from and a good assortment of Christmas word search puzzles, you’ll certainly find some that you are interested in. If you just want a quick eye-brain workout, check out the on-site mini word search puzzles for each of the fifty United States. Each puzzle has just seven city names to find … can you find each one?

The Word Puzzle Hound puzzle books make great gifts for the word search puzzle lover at any time of the year, whether for a birthday or Christmas or any other occasion. They’re also perfect if you just want something to enhance your own or your child’s learning. Order your copies today!

Regular Print –

U.S. Cities and Towns Word Search Puzzles
U.S. Rivers and Lakes Word Search Puzzles

Large Print –

Large Print Word Search FUN Puzzles
Large Print U.S. Cities and Towns Word Search Puzzles
Large Print U.S. Rivers and Lakes Word Search Puzzles